Smarty SSR
Smarty SSR
100 Power Levels - In one ( 1 ) Second - On the Fly !
Smarty SSR is a Cummins hand held programmer for the 5.9L Dodge Diesel. Smarty SSR is in Stock and Ships Free Next Day Air. Smarty SSR is on Sale now.
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NOTE: 6.7L / 5.9L Works with DPF Installed.
Smarty S-03
Smarty-S03 Chips
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Mads Smarty S-03
How it works
The Smarty SSR provides just one base performance software that takes care of all the
factors like the speed / RPM / Torque & boost limiters. Then you will need to fine
tune the
injection duration, injection timing & rail pressure to the truck's needs. The three
critical performance parameters in a Diesel engine! In order to allow the complete
customization of the performance
software to the particular engine's needs, the SSR
provides 50
levels each for the following parameters:

1) Low Load injection Timing ( LLT )

2) High Load injection Timing ( HLT )

3) Low Load injection Duration ( LLD )

4) High Load injection duration ( HLD )

5) Low Load Rail Pressure ( LLRP )

6) High Load Rail Pressure ( HLRP )

Smarty SSR is On Sale . Smarty SSR Ships Free Next Day Air. Smarty SSR is a
hand held programmer With 100 Selectable Power Levels for the 5.9L Cummins.