( 2007 - 2014 ) 6.7L - UP to 900 HP Dodge Cummins BBi INJECTORS Nozzle Flow Rate 96 L/H
2007 - 2014
Dodge Cummins 6.7L

Stage 1.5
UP to 900 HP ( Dyno )
Nozzle Flow Rate: 96 L/H
UP to 45% Increase Compared to Stock

BBi Injector SET - 6 Injectors



Do Not Break Seal - If You Decide to Return -
BBi Utilizes the highest quality control standard
possible. When these injectors left BBi they
were PERFECT. BBi Has Double Checked the
factory seal on this interior packaging prior to shipping to You. Breaking
of this retail package indicates You have read and understand BBi return
policy. If this seal is broken and You decide to return them, there will
be a $ 450.00 restocking FEE / for RE-TESTING.

Brand New Injectors WITH A BROKEN SEAL Will Not be
Placed back on the shelf until they Go Through $450.00
worth of testing to assure they meet Our Highest Complete
Set of Standars - Just Like when they were first Shipped


BBi was formed by the request of accomplished engine software tuning -
Mads Electronics.

After extensive testing and research of existing aftermarket performance
injector options, none were found to be built to an acceptable standard,
when utilized in an extreme performance application.

Mads Electronics clearly saw a need in the aftermarket, for a top shelf
injector with consistencies, tolerances and calibrations, as good as /
and OR better than OEM quality.

Unable to locate a suitable existing product, Mads Electronics sought
out, the best of the best leaders in the field of Common Rail
Fuel Injection Technology.

Two years later, after thousands of dynamometer runs, and tens of
thousands of street driven miles; BBi has come to market with every
intention to dominate.

BBi has raised the bar, so HIGH, it's now out of the reach of the
competition. That was and is BBi's intention. Set the bar SO high,
that everyone else must jump, to even imagine touching the new
industry standards set by BBi; which all other players must now be
measured. See for yourself, that BBi is not just blowing smoke.
We are sure you will enjoy BBi products!

They are built at the limits of manufacturing and have higher requirements
in durability; as does every other part of a modern diesel engine.

Master piece engineering takes into account - Injector caviation erosion,
tribological stress, particle erosion, functional behaviour. etc ...

Every adjustment parameter, every single piece (even the smallest)
inside the injector, has its own function to meet all these challenges.

BBi is first company modifying injectors that really knows how the
injector works and how to get the maximum output in performance
without harming injector durability.

BBi is the only supplier capable of improving the nozzles, as well as
the internals of the injector, essential for getting maximum power
on racing applications.

Each injector set gets tested at its full pressure range with BBi's
special test program, which contains single injection test points
like full load, low idle, pilot and post injection and complete
injection quantity mappings over energizing time at low,
medium and full system pressure (250, 1000, 1600bar).

BBi also is able to measure the injection rate at single test points.
The fuel flow of each single injector set is calibrated and
to a flow tolerance within 2% at full load point.

Every injector set contains a certification of its functional testing results!

BBi has yet to see a modified injector nozzle,(other than our own)
that maintains a correct spray angle / consistent hole diameter / and shape.


If you return a set of injectors with a broken seal there will be a
$450.00 restocking FEE / for RE-TESTING.

Brand New Injectors WITH BROKEN SEALS will not be placed back on
the shelf until they Go through $450.00 worth of testing to assure they meet
our Highest complete set of standards - Just like when they were first shipped


This Product is not legal for use in the State of California

( 2007 - 2014 ) 6.7L - UP to 900 HP Dodge Cummins BBi INJECTORS Nozzle Flow Rate 96 L/H